Distribution and licensing for cover songs on the world's top platforms

Cover songs are a great way to gain traction. Bringing in fans of another artists, while showing off your own unique style is the perfect way to boost followers. What’s more, we can help you get these cover songs to stores and streaming services.

We have NO upfront or annual fee for distributing original music, and you can license covers (FOREVER) for a one-time fee of $29.99 per song. You always keep 70% of your net digital revenue and are free to release as much music as you want without worrying about the rising or repeating costs of keeping your catalog available online.


It’s simple

No annual fees.
No delivery fees.
No upfront distribution fees.
No account fees.

We charge $29.99 per cover song to secure the required license, and then we keep 30% of the revenue you earn from digital music platforms. This means we only make money when you do; we’re a partner in your success today, tomorrow, forever.


Your cover song is distributed worldwide with our partner - NME.

Global distribution for your cover songs — NME.

Your cover versions must be available online. And not only on YouTube Music and Soundcloud. We mean widespread availability across all major digital music platforms.
If your music comes together in one place, audiences on other platforms are waiting for you.

But how to get to them?

NME helps attract more fans.
Get your covers on the world's best music platforms.

Properly license these covers - for life

Automatically pay composers mechanical royalties.

NME will distribute your cover songs to the world’s top platforms.

Apple Music
Amazon Music
Google Play
YouTube Music
And more

If you have any questions - write info@bestcover.world