The victory in the vocal competition of cover artists Best Cover World

Do you have experience of competing at international vocal competitions, but you want to improve it? Perhaps the desire to take part in such a wonderful, but emotionally difficult enchanting event appeared for the first time? Then the question: "How to properly prepare for a high-level vocal competition?" relevant for you.

Each vocalist has his own purely individual characteristics. Therefore, we have collected general recommendations and a number of useful tips for a universal plan. Following them will allow the “newcomers” to make a vivid impression on the audience, and therefore stand out among the contestants. They will also be useful to vocalists who have already participated in such competitions, to those who are just looking for parting recommendations for a winning performance.


Opinions about the usefulness of vocal competitions, especially for children, may vary. However, they agree that vocal competitions are becoming a tangible impetus to understanding the need for further development of the singing voice in order to rise to a new level of vocal mastery. At the same time, the prestige of the competition does not really matter: a local festival or a large international event - the general rules for preparing for a performance and showing it are practically the same. Let's take a look at them.

Define your goal and tune in to it. For example:
- reach the final of the vocal competition;
- to improve vocal skills, "try on" a singing career;
- gain experience in competitive competitions.

Make a smart choice according to your capabilities and degree of preparedness at the moment.
So that you participate in the competition like a holiday, without fear, with a confident thought: “Wow! I have exactly what I am here for. "

Make a plan - a creative calendar with a schedule of specific steps to achieve the goal and optimism. At the same time, be open to new, overlooked opportunities and adjustments. Even a small progressive progress in the classroom under the guidance of a qualified teacher, for example, in the formulation of the voice (its expressiveness, volatility), singing diction, correct breathing, artistry will allow you to prepare well for the competition and ultimately lead to achievements.

Responsibly treat the choice of repertoire - songs for the performance.
- Choose those pieces that match your voice / style / age, show your individual musicality, vocal abilities and skills. Be aware that the most difficult song to perform is not always a winning one.
- Only those songs that are in the catalog, on the site are accepted for the competition.
- The melody and lyrics should attract the maximum attention of the audience, have an unforgettable emotional impact.
- Avoid songs from the top ten popularity ratings on radio and TV - there is a high risk that other contestants will show them.
- In the early stages of learning a song, just listen to it first. Understand what it is about, what is its idea, its purpose. Then start chanting without words, using syllables such as "la-la-la" or "ta-ta-ta."
- As you sing the lyrics of the song, try to revive it spiritually.
Even if the strength and range of your singing voice is somewhat inferior to competitors, the penetration of the performance will not go unnoticed, will be highly appreciated by the audience.

After the application is placed, its verification / approval by the organizers of the competition, your cover version will appear on the competition website. Tell all your acquaintances, friends, relatives, about your participation in the competition. They will give you the first positive votes.
Repost from your cover page to all social networks. Ask your friends to do the same.
Post links to your competition work on forums, blogs and other resources on the Internet.
The more people know you about your entries, the more viewers will vote for you. The higher your rating. The closer the victory.