BEST COVER WORLD - international vocal competition (participation is free)

BEST COVER WORLD is an international vocal competition in the field of original performance of world hits (covers).

Covers are sung by both popular and successful artists and beginners.
For many, performing covers is an increase in recognition and popularity, and for young artists it is a powerful start to the top of show business.

Contestants are divided into categories "Adults" and "Children", who compete for victory in the semi-finals and the main final.
Online audience voting will determine the winners in each category.

The determination of the winners in the semi-finals and the main final takes place by spectator voting on the website

Participation is FREE!
Licensing (clearing rights) - FREE!
Contestant receives MONEY
- if they vote for him
- if his video cover is watched

You can only participate in the competition with a song from the catalog (we can clear them)
Check your cover

1. Choose your song.
2. Record a video cover (at home, outdoors, in the studio, etc.). The main thing is to be heard and seen. The song must be complete, part (piece) of the song is not accepted.
3. Upload a video cover to the file hosting
4. Register on the website
5. Go to your personal account and add a video. Don't forget to add a description to your video.
6. Wait for verification and procedure for clearing rights. As it happens, your video will appear on the site and you will receive an email.
7. Promote your video. Repost your video on social media. Tell everyone to vote for you.

Win the competition and represent your country at the BEST COVER WORLD GRAND final